The Handy Movers Policies

We are responsible ONLY for our own NEGLIGENCE. We assume NO responsibility for loss or damage to good cause by deterioration, and act of GOD, and act of government, or any other cause beyond our control. Our responsibility is strictly limited to $0.60 per pound, per article and no more than $90.00 per article, whichever is LESS.

BASIC VALUATION COVERAGE- at 60 cents per pound per article insures recovery at 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the item or the carton it’s packed in (if the box was packed by us). Thus, if an item weighing 20 pounds is lost or damaged; you can recover $12.00 for that item (60 cents X 20 pounds). This is very minimal protection, and your goods are probably worth considerably more. Basic valuation coverage is included in the mover’s rate.

The basic valution coverage is available to all of our customers at no additional cost. Your shipment is automatically covered for $0.60 per pound per article, unless you purchase FULL replacement coverage. Full replacement coverage must be purchased at least TWO business days prior to move day.

The full replacement coverage is available at or similar. 

All coverage excluding basic valuation coverage has a deductible.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the contents of drawers, containers, or other items of a similar nature that are NOT PACKED by our employees. Further, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE in any way for CASH, JEWELRY, SECURITIES, DOCUMENTS, or other items of extraordinary value, even when packed by our employees. These are moved by the company at the SHIPPER’S RISK, unless specifically listed, inventoried, and documented in advance and adequate protection for same has been secured.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to fragile items unless we are paid to PACK and UNPACK them. These items include but are not limited to glass, china, mirrors, lamp shades, slate, pictures, marble, etc. There may be an additional cost for the packaging of these items.

All items shall be inspected by shipper at the completion of the move. Any claims of damage or non-delivery must be made in writing within 9 months of the move, and must be accompanied by a PAID IN FULL receipt of all charges, copy of the billing of lading, claim form, and letter describing grievances, lost or damaged items. The company shall have the right to INSPECT AND REPAIR any damaged articles and it shall be the sole discretion of this company, with the advice of a qualified repairman, as to whether an alleged damaged article should be repaired, replaced or the shipper paid cash compensation.

Our services are provided on an HOURLY BASIS. You will be charged for the actual time it takes to complete the move. The total labor time will consist of the following: Loading (at pickup(s), Drive time (which will be doubled), between each of the pickup/delivery locations, and unloading (at destination(s). The start time begins when we arrive at the starting point. The time ends when the movers have completed the move. There is no charge for the travel time from our office to the starting location and from the final destination to our office.

Overtime charges will apply to any moves over eight hours at time and a half, and double time over twelve hours.

We recommend that all appliances be inspected and serviced by a qualified service company, for safe movement. If you choose to have the movers move it as part of your move, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to the mechanical functioning parts whether or not insurance is purchased. These items include, but are not limited to SAFES, PIANOS, WASHERS, DRYERS, TELEVISIONS, REFRIGERATORS, DISHWASHERS, FREEZERS, ETC. If you choose to have the movers move the above items, it will be at your own risk.


If you would like us to move your flat panel TV. Please leave your TV plugged in. The movers will verify it's working condition, pack it into a box, then relocate it. Please note: If we cannot verify that it is in working condition, we will not be held liable for it's condition at the destination. Flat Panel TV Boxes are available for purchase at $10.00 each.  

As a general rule, we prefer to not transport live potted plants. Our main concern is for the well-being of the household/office furniture that we transport. In order for us to maintain a standard of cleanliness on our trucks, we cannot relocate live potted plants, as many plants pose a threat of pests, insects, parasites, etc. An exception is if the pots are empty and clear of soil. We recommend that you call a local Gardener or Landscaper to make arrangements for the relocation of your plants. Please note that we do make exceptions in certain circumstances; please call the office to inquire.

Due to the increase of diesel and gas prices we added a fuel surcharge to our charges. We do our best to keep the hourly rates and the fuel surcharge as low as possible, please call the office for our current fuel surcharge rate.

Reservation/Cancellation Fee: $50.00 - This fee reserves your date and time on our calendar. If you cancel your move for any reason, we keep this fee. Otherwise, the reservation fee refund will be processed by our office, within one business day after your move. (and returned to your account within 3-5 business days)

RESCHEDULING POLICY: We are flexible, and can change your move date as many times as needed, it is based on our availability. We require at least (2) business days notice to reschedule your move date. 


Privacy Policy as of: January 1, 2020 Policy: The Handy Movers is committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of your personally identifiable information to the extent possible, subject to provisions of state and federal law. Other than as required by laws that guarantee public access to certain types of information, or in response to subpoenas or other legal instruments that authorize disclosure, personally identifiable information is not disclosed without your consent. Disclosure of Collected Information: The Handy Movers will not disclose or share, without your consent, personally identifiable information, except for certain explicit circumstances in which disclosure may be required by law. Your personally identifiable information will not be distributed or sold to third-party organizations. Mailing address: P.O. Box 231032, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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