Moving Services By The Handy Movers

The Handy Movers Mission is to exceed your expectation of a moving company. From an array of services to unparalleled customer service and appreciation, we have it all. Our skilled professionals, equipment standards and highly-trained movers are ready to handle any moving need that you have. We provide all of our outstanding services at very affordable rates.

This is the most common service. This includes disassembly of furniture items, protecting the items with moving blankets & shrink wrap, utilizing our professional grade moving equipment to load it onto our truck(s), driving it to the destination, and unloading the items into the desired rooms, with reassembly as needed.

This is also very common. This could include a small or large office or even an entire business. This includes disassembly of office furniture items, protecting the items with moving blankets & shrink wrap, utilizing our professional grade moving equipment to load it onto our truck(s), driving it to the destination, and unloading the items into the desired locations, with reassembly as needed.

Packing means placing loose items into boxes. Dishes, clothes, towels, linens, bathroom items etc. … all need to be packed properly. Packing is a skilled activity. Our packers can come out to your home or office/business and professionally pack all your belongings/loose articles; boxes are labeled to ensure they arrive to the correct location. One way to save money on packing, is to pack all of your loose items into boxes. 

Blanketing and padding are part of standard service in the moving industry. This service is performed by the movers for furniture and it is part of the move. Packing does not mean wrapping your furniture in blankets! Blanket wrapping is part of your move. 

Our packers can pack designated areas or rooms, such as your kitchen, china cabinet, or office.

Our packers can unpack boxes and set each item onto a surface, so you can decide the final destination of the goods. Or with your supervision, we can put the items into the designated cabinets. Call for more detail of our procedures for unpacking.

Our movers can load your belongings onto a rental truck, trailer, container, etc. This option is often used by customers who are moving long distance or out of state. The Handy Movers' experienced movers will professionally load your truck, trailer, or container to ensure your belongings will be safe for the journey.

For this type of service, we recommend to have the following equipment available for the movers; 1.) Some type of securing system, such as: ratchet tie-downs, straps, or ropes, so the movers can secure heavy furniture pieces to the walls. 2.) Furniture protection, such as: rented moving blankets. If you are unable to rent moving blankets, we offer an alternative, called paper pads. We can supply and utilize them during your move. The movers will use them to protect your furniture items, to make sure your items are properly protected. Please call the office for prices and more details.  

Our movers will unpack your rental truck, trailer, or container, then place and reassemble the furniture items to the desired locations.

MOVE ONE ITEM (custom)
Our movers can move one item such as an upright piano, safe, china cabinet, entertainment center, couch, etc., and transport it from one location to another.

Our movers can move furniture items within your home or office from room to room or floor to floor as requested.

We can haul away and dispose of your unwanted furniture- Call for prices

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