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Handy Moving Checklist

As veterans in this industry, we have found that a comprehensive moving timeline and checklist is the best strategy to ensure a smooth relocation.

Timeline for Moving: Four Weeks before Move
  • Contact The Handy Movers to make arrangements for moving day.
  • Remove items from your attic, basement, storage shed, etc.
  • Contact the Internal Revenue Service and/or your Accountant for information on what moving expenses may be tax-deductible.
  • Begin to inventory and evaluate your possessions. What can be sold or donated to a charitable organization? The experts say if you haven’t used it within a year, get rid of it!
  • Make a list of everyone you need to notify about your move: friends, professionals, creditors, subscriptions, etc.
  • Obtain a mail subscription to the local paper in your new community to familiarize yourself with local community, social news and activities.
  • If some of your goods are to be stored, make the necessary arrangements now. (Although we do not have a storage facility, we can guide you in the right direction)
Timeline for Moving: Three Weeks before Move
  • Submit a change of address form to the post office.
  • Arrange special transportation for your pets.
  • Contact utility and related companies (gas, electric, water, telephone, cable TV and trash collection) for service disconnect/connect at your old and new addresses. However, remember to keep phone and utilities connected at your current home throughout moving day unless you have given the mover your mobile phone number.
  • Contact coverage companies (auto, homeowner’s or renters, medical and life) to arrange for coverage in your new home.
  • If you’re packing yourself, purchase moving boxes. Pack items that you won’t need in the next month.
  • Plan to sell unwanted items or arrange to donate them to charity, or if you feel really inspired, have a garage sale. If you plan to dispose the items, we offer disposal services for your unwanted furniture- call for prices.


Timeline for Moving: Two Weeks before Move
  • If you’re moving out of or into a building that has elevators, contact the building management to reserve or schedule use of the elevators.
  • Check with your complex manager to find out if they will require a certificate of insurance. If so, please contact our office with your property manager’s contact information.
Timeline for Moving: One Week before Move
  • Drain gas and oil from power equipment (lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.)
  • Prepare specific directions to your new home for your moving company.
Two to Three Days before the Move
  • Pack a box of personal items that will be needed immediately at your new home. Have this box loaded last or carry it with you in your car.
  • Organize and set aside those things that you’re taking with you so that they don’t get loaded on the moving truck in error.
  • Contact us with any last minute questions, changes or details.
Timeline for Moving: Moving Day
  • Read your bill of lading carefully before you sign.
  • Make sure that an adult is present to answer the lead man’s questions.
  • Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water)
Any Other Questions

As the weeks roll by, your moving timeline will help ensure that nothing has been overlooked or omitted from your planning, and that alone will go a long way toward relieving some of your anxiety.

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